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CHAS Accreditation Application Now Includes Mental Health

CHAS Accreditation Application Now Includes Mental Health

As part of the CHAS accreditation application, CHAS have recently announced an additional stage that requests details on how your business supports mental health and wellbeing.

The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) is the leading provider of risk prevention, compliance and supply chain management. It is a popular health and safety accreditation that demonstrates a company’s commitment to health and safety within the workplace. CHAS ultimately assesses the health and safety standards within a company in line with health and safety legislation. It is seen as an important accreditation for those within construction and high-risk sectors. With the accreditation, a company is less likely to face legal issues associated with health and safety non-compliance.

Benefits of CHAS Accreditation

There are a number of benefits to being CHAS accredited, including:

  • Demonstrates that companies take their health and safety requirements seriously.
  • Demonstrates legal compliance.
  • Improves company reputation, as it demonstrates that a company takes health and safety seriously. This in turn could provide a competitive edge, attracting clients to your company.
  • Improved risk management & cost savings. Through a higher standard of health and safety, hazards are identified and managed effectively, reducing the chance of costly accidents within the workplace.
  • Creates new opportunities as many contractors and suppliers look to work with companies who are CHAS accredited.

CHAS Announce Mental Health Accreditation Assessment Section

CHAS have recently announced their new Mental Health Accreditation Standard.

They have developed new tools for assessing mental health provisions which will assess how companies manage mental health and wellbeing within their workplaces. 

By introducing the assessment for mental health provisions, CHAS is leading and taking an important step towards setting an example of what is required for companies to take the mental health and wellbeing of their employees seriously.

A recent survey of 1,400 construction workers found that 56% were experiencing mental health problems, and 12% were experiencing suicidal thoughts.  A separate survey found that 44% of construction professionals work for organisations that have no policy in place for mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Both surveys show worrying figures and show that something needs to be done.  CHAS are setting the standard with their new assessment of mental health provisions which can contribute to these figures being reduced.

Some of the questions that CHAS are asking as part of their mental health assessment section are:

  1. Do companies provide mental health training to all their managers?
  2. Do companies have a written Mental Health and Wellbeing policy?
  3. Do companies provide Mental Health First Aiders at their workplace?
  4. Do companies have a process or system for identifying mental health and wellbeing hazards?

How can HPC help you with these changes?

Mental Health and Wellbeing Policies

Here at HPC, we have health and safety consultants who are experienced in creating and implementing mental health and wellbeing policies that will offer appropriate support to your staff.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Training

We offer two online mental health and wellbeing training courses that would support you towards a successful CHAS application.

Mental Wellbeing First Aid (2-day online course) – £265 + VAT per person

This course is full of practical mental health and wellbeing advice. Delegates will be able to spot signs of declining mental health, and by using a practical action plan, be able to appropriately offer someone both help in an emergency and longer-term situation. For more information on this course, please click here.

Mental Wellbeing Essentials (2.5 hour) – £65 + VAT per person

This insightful introductory mental wellbeing essentials course is a stepping stone towards creating a mental wellbeing culture within your organisation. This short course teaches people how to spot the early signs of a mental health issue along with how to offer and provide initial help. For more information on this course, please click here.

Assistance with CHAS application

Our consultants can also assist you with your CHAS accreditation application. Whether you are newly applying for their accreditation, or renewing your current accreditation our team can support you through the process.

To find out more information or if you require any advice on CHAS accreditation and application get in contact with our team of experts.

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